What’s With The Low Tops?


Once upon a time a fellow blogger had a super fantastic awesome idea for me and it made me very excited!

After spending a little bit of time with me, most people (in real life or here in cyberspace) realize I love my Converse low tops with an ardent and undying passion.

And that is when Webmiss suggested I create a Mood Key via Converse low tops. So as of late August 2007 I have started each entry with a photo of the Converse shoe that best reflects that day’s mood.

In real life, I actually own roughly nine pairs of Chuck Taylors.

I would love to have a new pair to wear every day of the week but sadly, that is not possible. (Unless one of you fine readers would like to donate a pair to the cause. I’m a woman’s size ten and a men’s size eight, you know if the mood strikes you.)

Instead, I give to you the icons that reflect my many moods. The following are just some of the icons I have created. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

happy low top

hopeful low top

Silly Converse

chaotic low top

Lame Converse

spiritual low top

excited low top

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