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I believe I’ve mentioned that the flesh-and-blood Cardiogirl is nothing like the virtual red-shirt-wearin’, ponytail-flickin’ Cardiogirl. That’s just reality any way you slice it and I can guarantee you that Mom Zombie can attest to that.

I know this because I sat next to Mom Zombie for 12 weeks this summer and barely said a word to her. Why? Because I’m single-minded wherever I go. I don’t really chat people up. Ever.

So I knew my worlds were going to collide when I accepted Rock and Drool’s invitation to attend a PR event for McDonald’s new and improved Happy Meals. She and I had never met but we’d had a few online chats. And now she was going to meet anti-social flesh-and-blood Cardiogirl. Oy.

What I didn’t expect was to run into Mom Zombie, who I did not know was a blogger. Once we settled into McDonald’s Playland, she approached me, sunny personality intact, and asked if we knew each other.

I said no.

She said she thought our daughters were in gymnastics together.

I said no.

Still upbeat, she said she thought they had a class together at the Y. And then I realized, yes. Yes, indeed, they had a 12-week-long class together and I saw her repeatedly that summer and barely said, “Hey.”

So then I was falling all over myself trying to recover. What a small world, huh? But it was about to get even smaller.

It was then that Melissa, who was hosting the event, came over and casually asked if we both knew each other as bloggers. Uh. Say what?

Yes, ma’am. The woman I’ve been ignoring all summer is a fellow Michigan blogger and we have actually crossed paths — ONLINE — in the last few years. Yep.

So I think we bloggers need to come up with some sort of code word to prevent the shock of such a collision. It could be windowbox or even flower boxes because I think you could work that into conversation pretty easily.

Casual chit-chat usually includes the weather, doesn’t it? I think you could say something like, “It’s been so dry this summer that the flowers in my window boxes are wilting by four o’clock each day.”

Is it the middle of winter? No problem. “I just love my flower boxes. In winter I decorate them with garland and fake pointsettias.”

See how that works? My head wouldn’t have exploded over there at McDonald’s if bloggers across the cyberworld could all agree on a common code word. Got any suggestions?

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16 VIPs have spoken

  • Jaffer says:

    Goodness ! You are ‘that’ boring IRL ?
    I am going to talk to a window box here at the office. Let them be ! I will will ignore their comments.

  • Han says:

    I went out for dinner at a local restaurant and I’d raised concerns on their FB page about how their service was rubbish this one particular time that we went. When we went in a second time to redeem a voucher I’d been given as way of an apology the deputy manager of the restaurant served our table for our whole meal and commented about how when her manager and had raised the concerns with the whole team she’d looked up my blog (at this point I’m going bright red!! eep!)

    THEN when I couldn’t decide on a dessert she was like “Well if you have this one *points to menu* and I’ll see if I can get a taster portion of this one *points to the other desert*” Yes please thank you very much!

    It’s always a bit off putting when someone is like “You’re so and so from that blog” – yeah okay….. or when people at church ask you about something you wrote – “How did you know that?!” I know my Grandad reads now and I keep meaning to teach him how to comment lol.
    Han recently posted..Review: NovemberMy Profile

  • Hmmm…. I’ll try to think of a secret handshake.
    injaynesworld recently posted..injaynesworld we are now "Suitable for Giving…"My Profile

  • Madge says:

    I still like flugelhorn. oh! I love this song, do you know anyone who plays the flugelhorn?
    Madge recently posted..Mattress MaryMy Profile

  • MikeWJ says:

    I guess you’ve raised the question of whether we really want to know one another outside of the Internet. And my answer is going to be, “No, I have little to no interest in other human beings. I’m busy.”

  • tokenblogger says:

    How can we make this official?
    tokenblogger recently posted..Maybe three weeks ago…My Profile

  • absepa says:

    Back when I was (ahem) blogging regularly, I linked my blog to my Facebook account. I did not take into consideration that my boss was one of my fb friends, and that he might decide to read my blog posts, and that I had written at one point about one of my co-workers (not by name, but he would have been recognized the person in question). Fortunately for me, he only read my posts through Facebook, rather than going to my blog itself, so he never saw the archives. Whew. I don’t think I would have gotten in big trouble, but it could definitely have been embarrassing.
    absepa recently posted..Maybe you could cross-market the jerky to the stoners…My Profile

  • CG, you may be a little introverted in real life, but you are not boring. Women as pretty as you are never boring. Seems Nicky came up with something about monster moose knuckles or something. I like it better than flower boxes because flower boxes, are well, boring.
    Linda Medrano recently posted..Things I Won’t Do In 2012My Profile

    • cardiogirl says:

      True, Linda; I hadn’t thought about the commonality of those words. That could lead to some unintended conversations with non-bloggers who just like gardening.

      Perhaps monster moose knuckles is a better choice.

  • Lola says:

    Girl! You are definitely not boring. I’ve never actually casually run into another blogger. I mean, I do have a friend who blogs, but she doesn’t engage in “blog talk” like you, Lin and I. And in the 2 years I’ve known her she has never divulged the name of her blog…nor have I. Lol!

    I really don’t think you’d want to mention flower boxes in winter decorated with garland and fake poinsettia. Do you really want to let a stranger…possibly a new friend…know that you use fake plants? Lol!
    Lola recently posted..Review – EdenFantasys…time to get something good for the HolidaysMy Profile

  • Random thoughts: I like flugelhorn but I’m not sure how to work it into conversation. Monster moose knuckles sounds like a raging case of camel toe with a touch of something viral.
    I think a hand signal, much like those used in baseball, would be more subtle and not lead to a long line of questioning.
    Blogging is such a curious animal. In the beginning I shared my URL with some close friends. I think they read one or two posts to be polite and quietly slipped out the back door. They told me they just don’t “get” blogging.
    Yet, I’ve made connections with people all over the map, people I may not immediately click with in a real-life situation if that had come first. I’ve had amazing meet-ups with people I met online.
    Again, it was a pleasure to meet you. Considering we live one city away from each other, we’d better get cracking on the signal/code word.
    Middle State/MomZombie recently posted..Be amazingMy Profile

  • v says:

    well at least this confirms that when we finally meet face to face (cough summer of 2012 cough) that we will be staring at each other until someone blinks.

    my favorite code word/phrase/secret handshake or whatever as of today is: and bob’s your uncle.

    still, i think it should be something that cardiogirlayans would know like: sweep the leg.

  • totsymae1011 says:

    Or maybe wear a green bow on the pinky finger. That’s a corny way to spot bloggers in person. I mean, for the corny bloggers anyway. I’m going with purple. You can join the purple club, if you want.
    totsymae1011 recently posted..Intermission IIMy Profile

  • June O'Hara says:

    How funny. Whoops! I like the hand signal approach. Or something like tugging on our ears. Not the lobes, like Carol Burnett, but the middle or top of the ear. For some reason that holds special appeal for me. Love love love your blog!
    June O’Hara recently posted..MatchedMy Profile

  • Nicky says:

    I’m honoured that you would consider the humble little phrase I coined about monster moose “knuckles” as a possible universal blogger code. That being said, you know that given the chance, I would hug you until your head exploded. :-)
    Nicky recently posted..Who’s Awesome? I’m Awesome!!My Profile

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