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Cardiogirl: As of 2010 I am a 42-year-old stay-at-home mother to three girls (10, 7 and 5) and an adoring (yet sometimes neurotic) wife of 16 years. My husband and three daughters are the folks who make up the best and happiest part of my life.

Mr. C: My husband; he’s 47 and he thinks I’m funny. He gets my sense of humor, he always makes me laugh and I love him.

Katie: My first-born. She’s creative and funny and melodramatic and I love her.

Allison: My thoughtful, nurturing middle child. She’s mellow and caring and makes everyone laugh and smile. And I love her, as well.

Emily: My last-born. She’s my little buddy; she goes everywhere I go and she makes me laugh. She’s also very polite always saying, “Oh. Thank you very much.” And of course I love her, too.

So I guess this family of mine is usually making me laugh and smile. That’s a pretty good way to spend your life, wouldn’t you agree?

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