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Friday is The Book of Questions Day around these parts. Today’s query comes from the aptly titled book “The Book of Questions” by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

And here it is, Question 181.

What do you like best about your life? Least?

The part I like best: I’m the adult in charge; what I say goes. This answer is based on the fact that I live with three children 24/7 — except during the school year when that’s more like 18/5 Monday through Friday and 24/7 on the weekends and holidays.

If I did not have children the answer would still be the same — The best part of my life is being an adult.

You may have noticed that I have massive control issues. I get it, I understand why I have them and I’m happy that I can finally live by my mantra — live and let live. You do your thing — without forcing it on me — and I’ll do mine.

I do lay down rules and consequences for my kids, but when they disagree I give them two choices on how to proceed.

For instance, they can choose to help me clean the living room or they can choose to sit in time out for a bit before they help me clean the living room.

If they drag their heels while getting ready for school I tell them they can step it up or they can go to school wearing pajamas and/or sporting bed head. Whatever choice they make does not impact when the train leaves. That’s how a real train station works.

If you go to Grand Central Station and board the train on time, you’re going to enjoy a trip across the countryside. If you’re standing on the platform bitching about whether you should have to brush your own hair when the whistle blows and the doors shut, you’re not going to get to your destination on that particular train.

They call that consequences. My kids choose to stand defiantly on the platform once every six months or so to get a refresher on whether the train actually leaves or not.

It always leaves.*

The part I like least: Hmm. Paying the bills. The way I see it, there’s no real downside to being an adult.

*No, I’ve never left one of them home alone to take the other two to school. However, I did make one of them go to school with messy hair because she had a screaming fit about it all morning.

She refused to brush it and she would not let me brush it. And yes, she screamed, cried and yelled until we pulled into the parking lot at school.

She didn’t fight with me about her hair for a while after that.

15 VIPs have spoken

  • v says:

    okay, i’ll go first then, if i’m still first. i was going to be smart and ungrateful and say nothing.

    however, what i like most about my life is that i have THE best family and friends. they are truly caring and supportive and i would not be able to do what i do without them. God bless them.

    what i like least is that i work a 9 – 5. what the hell man, i’m a queen! queens don’t work, they sit on thrones and delegate. i hate hate hate that i am not doing work i enjoy and that i don’t have time for a life of leisure. this, i have been saying forever, must change. maybe next year. i can’t go upsetting the locals because i want to paint with water colors. in due time.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Yay-yeah! You *are* first.

      I love the fact that you are a queen and you proudly proclaim it. The minions will catch on in time.

  • Buf says:

    Friends and family are probably what I like most. I also like that for the most part I’ve had alot opportunities in my life. What I like least is that I don’t feel like I’ve really accomplished anything worthwhile in my life. I’m in a job that bores me to death and honestly not doing much about it. I also hate that someone close to me is in a very bad spot and I can’t do much to help.

  • Faith says:

    Hola Cardio,

    Hmm, what I like most about my life, this is going to sound way sappy but I digs my familia and amigos to pieces. Especially mi amigos because they chose to stay around, my familia is just stuck with a bish! #imjustsayintheyare At the end of the day I guess I’m a sap but a realistic sap I think.

    What I don’t like….bills are up there on my list of hateful things but really I can’t stand phony people. I really have a problem with people who aren’t up front about his/her hashish. I take for granted that everyone isn’t as honest as me…still pisses me off though.

    Oh side note I really digs my internets (intentional) family, they are kool kidz!

    • cardiogirl says:

      Boy you all have a lot of support from your family, wish I could say the same. Although Mr. C’s family is awesome. And as you said, I have a bitchin’ support system through my internet family as well.

  • Anji says:

    I like being old enough not to care about what people think. Also the wonderful people that my children have grown into (and they brush their own hair every morning)

    I don’t like aches and pains, fortunately I don’t have too many.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Sweep the Leg! Children who brush their own hair every single morning! I’m looking forward to that day.

      It will be interesting to see what sort of adults my children become.

  • Lisa says:

    What I like most is having become a full-time Floridian recently. I know, I know! It could just be the honeymoon stage, but I am so happy to be this far south and finally for good. This has been a life-long dream and I just decided to go for it.

    What I like least is dh won’t be here full-time for quite some time. Maybe even years. But we are okay with it and talk everyday, many times a day. I’ll be going to help him liquidate our house next week, but then won’t get to see him until Christmas when he will come south for 3-4 weeks.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Congrats on the move south! That’s awesome that you’ve wanted to do that forever and you’re jumping in with both feet. Way to go! Bummer that your husband won’t be with you for a while.

  • Wendy says:

    No, I don’t have to time think of what is best and worst in my life (let alone post it here), but I did want to mention a blog I just discovered that brought you to mind. The blog is and she calls herself “Just Another Pessimistic Optimist, because sometimes the glass is half full of CRAP.” Thought you’d get a kick out of that!

    I’m at 7000 words, as of 1 a.m. this morning. Trying not to get on the computer to play, but that is soooo hard (plus, I felt obligated to post on my blog at least once every four days – nowhere close to your five times a week – a feat you kept up even in the midst of Nanowrimo last year … amazing).

    • cardiogirl says:

      That. Is. Awesome! Love taht!

      Congratulations on heading into NaNo this year! I missed the deadline but more than anything I forgot all about the deadline. If you can believe this, I still need to flip my wall calendar to November!

      Good luck!

  • Heidi Klum says:

    You go CG! Teach those girls the universe does not revolve around them :)

    I like that I have lead a successful life so far, and that I have opportunities that most people don’t get and I’ve utilized them. I also enjoy being an adult and more in control (like not being made to drink milk 2x a day).

    What I don’t like…is probably having to pay for boring stuff you don’t have to when you live with your parents (gas or bills come to mind).

  • Lin says:

    What I like best is that I am an adult and I don’t have to take anyone’s crap anymore–mostly my mom’s. That woman spent my entire childhood manipulating me to do what SHE wanted–and now I’m not under her roof and I can do and say what I want. It’s nice telling her “no” now. It is very freeing. Well, that and I really like my life. I have a nice husband, great kids, and a part-time job that lets me work when I want. I count myself lucky on a lot of levels.

    Oh–Hobbes and Grace are up there on the list of things I like about my life too.

    Don’t like list–that I’ll never have enough money to do the things I want. And I know that list just increases with my cash flow, but I sure would like not to have to worry about it sometimes. And I don’t like where I live, but I am sort of stuck in this house with the economy and Emma finishing the school she likes. And my neighbors….

    • cardiogirl says:

      It’s *so* awesome not having to take a parent’s crap; that’s basically what I meant up there without being blatant. I think people have read between the lines enough in the past to know that’s a major button for me.

      I think I like Hobbes in my life via the internet. Forgot about that one.

  • Katherine says:

    GREAT post. I love how you run things! Can my kids stay with you for a bit?

    Love the best? My children. And Mom. And Dad. And brother. OK, my FAMILY.
    Love the least? Working so amazingly hard and still having a difficult time buying groceries. But I somehow find a way to do it – I thank the man upstairs for that!

    Oh, can I add loving the beach too? And my dog? And my memories of my Dad? And my relatives… Oh I am SUCH a cheater.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Thanks Katherine! Yes, they can stay here and they will be made to clean the toilets while they’re visiting. Just so they can feel like they’re a part of the family.

  • Solomon says:

    What do you like best about your life?

    The fact that I can change it to suit my whims and fancies. The fact that I am reasonably intelligent and know how to find out information and use it. The fact that I’m a human being, with all that that entails. Being lucky enough to be born to reasonable parents in a developed country. That’s a head start that a lot of people don’t get.


    Being short sighted. Hate it. But I guess that if that is the worst thing goig on in my life, then I am incredibly lucky.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Yeah, I always feel like I’m being incredibly ungrateful when I complain. As you’ve mentioned living in a first world country is a huge advantage.

  • brookeamanda says:

    Okay, since everyone already said “I heart my family and friends” as what they like the most about their lives, I’ll go out on a limb and say…I love my hair! It’s a great color, shiny, and naturally straight. Thanks mom and dad for giving me good hair genes:)

    What I like the least… my job is very stressful at times (like right now) and it makes my eye twitch uncontrollably. I really just need to win the lotto and travel to exotic locations, and have many lovers.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Awesome selection, brooke. You rock. I haven’t even seen your hair color and I think it’s perfect, too!

      You do need to win the lotto, travel, take lovers and blog about it.

  • absepa says:

    Best: My church. I get to be with wonderful, loving people; have the opportunity to help others; work on fun, creative projects; and sing my little heart out in the choir. (Of course, I love my family, pets, and friends too; that’s kind of a given.)

    Least: The less-fun aspects of being married. Like wanting to go out and do something fun when the husband would prefer to sit at home and play video games.

    • cardiogirl says:

      That’s cool that your church provides such a nice sense of community and well being. Snaps to you for owning the negative in marriage. I know it’s not all bad but sometimes it’s annoying, isn’t it?

  • I loved your answers! You crack me up. Being an adult IS great because you DO get to be in charge. And yes, paying the bills is just plain awful.

    As for me? The best part has to be my Family & Friends. The worst part has to be my annoying medical conditions.

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