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Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

One of my favorite reality television shows to watch these days is Supernanny. There are parts that I don’t like. For example when the children on the show are allowed to run around cursing and hitting and biting their parents but this is only in the beginning.

The nanny, Jo Frost, will come in to the home for an observation day to find out what is going on and what the normal family routine is like. She will then make assessments based on what she sees and will adjust things accordingly.

Jo is really great at assessing the underlying issues in the relationships between the parents and the children and even between the mom and the dad. Sometimes she spends more time counseling the parents than she does correcting the children’s behaviors.

She recognizes the things that it is sometimes hard to see when you are the one in the relationship or in the family situation and she helps each family take a step back and realize what is going on.

Check out your DirecTV guide to find out when Supernanny comes on in your area.

2 VIPs have spoken

  • Han says:

    We get Supernanny here in the UK – Most of the time I sit there laughing about some of the stuff the kids come out with and how much they are allowed to get away with. It’s crazy
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  • Bella says:

    I always wonder how the Supernanny is able to turn around those naughty children in just a couple of days! It’s like she has super powers. Where was she when I was raising my little heathens? hee hee! :)

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