Okay or Not Okay: The Suri Cruise pacifier edition

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I like polls and I like to know when I’m the only one in the room who thinks something is definitely not okay. And, since I’m a nosy mother, I decided I would periodically poll you fine folks.

It’s easy to play and there’s just one rule: you can only answer okay or not okay. That’s it. Now that we all know the parameters, let’s get to it.

Suri Cruise and the pacifier seen ’round the world

Today I just have to ask about Suri and her pacifier. You’ve seen the picture, right?

Girlfriend’s traipsing about town with her teddy bear while munching on a pacifier. I’m pretty sure I ran across this photo yesterday at Us Magazine — my go-to site for news — so when I heard the morning DJ utter the name Suri Cruise while driving to school I knew exactly what he was going to talk about.

Here’s one more bit of information to help you decide: Suri will turn five next month.

My vote is not okay.

Even my 10-year-old and my 8-year-old thought she was too old for a pacifier.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that my 8-year-old and my 5-year-old are thumb suckers.

That. Drives. Me. In. Sane.

That’s one thing I would go back and change in a heartbeat. I seriously wish I had worked a pacifier into both of those kids’ mouths. I did give it a half-hearted effort with all three of them and none of them took to it. And, obviously, I did not push it.

As you probably know, the best feature of a pacifier is the fact that you can take it away. Unfortunately, you cannot take a thumb or a hand away.

So photos of my two kids sucking their thumbs would be plastered all over the internet if I were a celebrity. I’m sure we would be featured on CBS’ website under the Eye on Parenting section, too.

Thank God I’m not a celebrity.

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34 VIPs have spoken

  • Solomon says:

    With parents like that, the poor child probably NEEDS that pacifier.

    In the UK, we call them “dummies”.

  • Han says:

    My brother is 22 in the summer – he still sucks his thumb when he’s tired. My Mum finds him sat on his bed watching a movie with his thumb in and he doesn’t even realise that he’s doing it lol.

    I don’t think I had a pacifier (they are called dummies here lol) and didn’t take to sucking my thumb (unless I did but grew out of it)
    Han recently posted..30 Days of Lists- Day 8My Profile

    • cardiogirl says:






      My mother swears all six of us never used either. I’m quite certain I never sucked my thumb either unless, like you, I don’t remember.

  • Michelle says:

    Not OK!!! As a pediatrician that drives me crazy too. As I recall Suri had a bottle forever too. Ack!!
    Michelle recently posted..Ski Week 2011My Profile

    • Elizabeth A says:

      Is it bad for their teeth/oral development?

      • cardiogirl says:

        @Michelle Now that you mention it I recall the bottle thing, too.

        @Liz I’m curious about that, too, since I’ve seen the phrase orthopedic on some of the labels which would imply that it’s good for the kid.

        I do know that thumb sucking will change the shape of the roof of your mouth. My middle kid *will* have braces and that sucks.

        • Elizabeth A says:

          Get those suckers on as soon as possible. Oh my God. I hated my braces so much. 15 was too late. They hurt like a mother. But I’m extremely appreciative of my smile.

          • Michelle says:

            Yes, it will cause problems with teeth and mouth. I suppose they will be able to afford all the orthodontic care in the world though!
            Michelle recently posted..Ski Week 2011My Profile

            • cardiogirl says:

              @Liz Don’t you have to have all of your adult teeth before you get braces? My 10-year-old still has baby teeth trying to come out. Although her teeth are straight, she never sucked her thumb.

              @Michelle Wow, I thought the pacifier eliminated those problems.

        • Every orthodontist on the planet will say YES, but my sister sucked her thumb until she was 9 and her teeth (eventually) straightened out.
          Domestiquette recently posted..GlobalMy Profile

  • Soonerchick says:

    Not ok. SO not ok. My 1st and 3rd gave up the paci at six months and the second was done by 18 months. I don’t purport to be the judge of anyone’s parental skills unless there’s harm to the child involved, but a four year old sucking on a paci is ridiculous.

    Of course, given her mother, this child appears to be coddled and spoiled far more than any kid I’ve ever seen, even for a celebrity’s kid. I guess if Katie can afford the bill for the braces and therapy the kid will need when the kindergarten teacher takes it away from her and she has a hysterical tantrum, then sure, go ahead and plug her up.
    Soonerchick recently posted..Rock My World- Little Country GirlMy Profile

  • Madge says:

    NOT OKAY! But I agree with Solomon, she’s got a freak show for parents. I’m surprised she hasn’t turned to alcohol yet. And if she keeps it up she’ll wind up with buck teeth.

  • Lanita says:

    Not Okay, but that’s not Suri’s fault…it’s her parents. Ten years from now that picture will resurface and embarrass her for the rest of her life. I see a lot of orthodontia work in her future.

  • If I had paparazzi following me around everywhere every second of the day, *I’d* probably use a pacifier. She’s 5. She’s probably a bit too old for it, but if it’s a coping mechanism that helps her deal with skeevy men following her around taking her picture, then who cares? She might need braces when she’s older, but her father needed them too, so they might’ve been in her future anyway.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Funny, I never consider what *her* view of the picture looks like what with the skeevy men screaming her name.

      Tom Cruise had braces? His teeth don’t look that awesome to me so I find that really surprising.

  • beanie says:

    Our rule was, when the child could walk (anytime over the age of 1) the pacifier was for bed only. If Kid wanted it, she had to go to bed to have it. Worked great!
    beanie recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  • Super Mommie says:

    Not ok. Not ok. Not ok.

    Mine reached a certain age (can’t remember what but it was before full walking) and each time she’d drop one, I’d toss it in the trash.
    Super Mommie recently posted..All The Pretty Little ThingsMy Profile

  • My daughter is 4 and still sucks her thumb. We tried the pacifier, but when she was a few months old she not only spit it out, but chucked it across the room!

    I have no opinion on Ms. Cruise and her pacifier. She’s a cute kid. Whether or not she uses the pacifier is up to her parents or whatever babysitters care for her, not me. Meh.
    strugglingwriter recently posted..Two YearsMy Profile

    • cardiogirl says:

      Wow, that’s some lung capacity! Ours always spit it out, pushed it out with their tongues and I had no patience to work at getting them to accept it. I truly do wish I had worked harder at that.

  • junebug says:

    Not ok. We call them a binky. The longer she is allowed to have it the harder it will be to have her give it up. At her age it becomes a problem with socialization. Kids are adorable but they are also extremely cruel to each other. I’ve worked in an elementary school for five years. The teacher may do nothing to take it away from her because of who her parents are but the teasing and name calling that will be sent her way, well, that might change her behavior and do more harm to her then taking the dang thing away now.
    junebug recently posted..Review – ResAliensMy Profile

    • cardiogirl says:

      I’ve heard of that term, the binky. I wonder how that came about — maybe because it goes with a blankie? Guess that’s not important, is it?

      Kids are extremely mean and, as noted, they’ll find something — anything — to torment another kid about. I wish that weren’t the case, but it is and probably always will be. I wonder why that is.

      Probably has something to do with self-esteem and wanting to make themselves feel better by trashing another person. Nice.

  • absepa says:

    I don’t really feel fully qualified to comment since I’m not a mom, but five seems awfully old for a pacifier. However, the poor thing lives in the epicenter of TomCruiseNutsville, so she probably needs it.

    My friend (who is also elementary school teacher) used an inventive method to get her youngest son to stop thumb-sucking. If she caught him with his thumb in his mouth, she gave him two plastic spoons. He had to put one in his mouth, and carry the other in his hand, and he could not put them down until he told his mom he was ready to leave his thumb alone. He quickly got tired of carrying the spoons around and not being able to play with both hands, so he gave it up within a few weeks.
    absepa recently posted..Maybe you could cross-market the jerky to the stonersMy Profile

  • MikeWJ says:

    Not okay, but only because I don’t give a shit about Suri Cruise or her incredibly spoiled, self-centered family. Their behavior isn’t newsworthy.

    Wow, I’m not sure where that came from. I’m harshing my own mellow.

  • Elizabeth A says:

    I’m going okay. I know nothing about this sort of thing. I liked the paci only for bed rule. And who knows, she may hate that paci and Tom thought it’d be a cute paparazzi stunt.

    But isn’t her coat just the cutest thing you have ever seen?
    Elizabeth A recently posted..I bought myself a presentMy Profile

    • cardiogirl says:

      I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt and I, too, would keep that thing for bedtime only. And yes, her coat is cute but I don’t care for those pleats from the waist. I know, I’m nit picking.

      It’s what I do. I still like your Jessica Simpson trench coat better.

  • Linda says:

    That is just wrong! Paci’s are for babies, and perhaps toddlers, not 5-year olds. I don’t recall having a paci or thumb sucking, but my earliest memory is of what I think was my 2nd birthday. Something about a high chair and chocolate icing. Oh, and I still had braces.

  • moooooog35 says:

    Can we get one of those for Tom?
    moooooog35 recently posted..Update on my Childhood Pneumonia Alcoholism PostMy Profile

  • 5 is too old by half. And you’re wrong about thumbs and hands; they’re easily taken away. Especially on the 4th of July.
    If I Were God… recently posted..Should God ask Australia to the promMy Profile

  • My kids didn’t use pacifiers. They were both thumb suckers until about the age of 2 or so. They both have good teeth. I think Suri is probably too old for one,but if it comforts her, I don’t know. Braces are a fact of life for so many kids anyway. I quit judging after I had kids myself. None of my grandkids are thumb suckers, nor did any of them have pacifiers. And really, Suri Cruise is not on my radar so I don’t really have an opine anyway.
    Linda Medrano recently posted..Milestones and Mini-SkirtsMy Profile

  • Anji says:

    Not okay.

    Poor child. Mine sucked their thumbs and they soon learnt to suck them only in private. I’m not sure about the teeth; My daughter pushed her teeth forward because of the way she swallowed and moved her tongue.
    Anji recently posted..A little updateMy Profile

  • Clearly, she’s too old for a pacifier and it really makes her look stupid. They should just give her a cigarette.

  • Becky says:

    Not ok. If they are old enough to talk around it, it’s time to get rid of it. My youngest never took one. Gagged every time we tried. Older two? Thought they were dying when we took them away. And they were almost 2.
    If she’s old enough to drink Starbucks? She’s old enough to throw out the paci. (Or binky as we called it)

  • RT @cardiogirl: Okay or Not Okay: The Suri Cruise pacifier edition http://bit.ly/hjDodJ

  • So NOT OKAY. I took away the pacifier from my son when he turned two. And I still think I waited too long!

  • Rachele says:

    Not Okay.

    She will get picked on for this if she is ever allowed friends. Neither of mine took paci’s and fortunately didn’t suck their thumb like I did until the orthodontist threatened me at age 8.
    Rachele recently posted..Are You OrganizedMy Profile

  • Honestly, I’m sure she’ll lose it before she goes to college. In fact, I’ll bet the teasing in kindergarten will end it. Everybody needs something. My hubby was born twisting his hair and he still does it. If pacis were socially acceptable there would be 30-year-olds wearing them at work. Eventually she’ll find her next soothing behavior.

    I feel really ~~neutral~~ about this one. Completely ~~neutral~~.
    Domestiquette recently posted..GlobalMy Profile

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