I’ve been hearing Christmas music since the day after Halloween

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Christmas music

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music but I’ve been listening to it on the radio because my kids like it. And, as you’ve probably guessed, I’ve got a few opinions about that.

  • I really hate Madonna’s version of “Santa Baby.”
  • Any time I hear Bing Crosby sing, I imagine him beating the shit out of his children after he finishes warbling his holiday tune.
  • I really enjoy “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” That dude can really emote.
  • My favorite line in the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is this: …”but maybe just a cigarette more.” So very un-PC and I love it!
  • Why doesn’t Doris Day get any airplay on the radio?
  • Do tell

    Alright, lay it on me. What’s your favorite Christmas song and what’s the song that makes you want to pierce your own ear drums?

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    • Michelle says:

      I love Christmas music!! My favorites are the religious classics– O’ Come, O’ Come Emmanuel, Hark the herald Angels Sing, and Angels we have heard on High to name a few. yesterday I heard 2 on the radio that made me actually change the station– hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton and something by Justin Bieber. Awful!!

      I don’t like Madonna’s Santa Baby either!
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      • cardiogirl says:

        I do like those religious ones as well. I’m totally digging “Mary Did You Know” lately but I rarely hear it on the radio. I guess that’s what grooveshark is for, right?

        I’ve heard Dolly’s song and it’s so-so. I’m neutral on that one.

    • Erin says:

      I canNOT handle “The Little Drummer Boy”. Just typing the name gets it tuck in my head and I am ready to stab my own eardrums just to make it stop.

      I love “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. It’s NOT a date-rape song, even though the rest of the internet seems to think it is.
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      • Han says:

        There’s a few different versions but there is two different interpretations of Baby It’s Cold Outside – what if the Girl is “preying” on the guy (Google Neptune’s Daughter Baby it’s Cold Outside)

        LDB is one of my faves :(
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        • Erin says:

          True, but that’s only if it’s sung in reverse order, which it normally isn’t, I mean, I get WHY people say it’s a creepy song, but if you really listen to it, she wants to stay as much as he wants her to. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t keep making excuses, you know?

          Although someone told me that in the original score for it, the roles are written as Wolf (male) and Mouse (female). Which doesn’t really help my case ;)
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          • cardiogirl says:

            gold-star.jpg Erin you totally hopped in and snatched the Gold Star of the Day with your comment, “It’s NOT a date-rape song.”

            LOVE. THAT!

            I’m not super thrilled with the boy, either, but I’ll forgo the piercing of my earsdrums on that one.

            Han — That’s Mrs. Garrett from Laverne and Shirley singing that tune! EXCELLENT!

    • Han says:

      Love “Breathe of Heaven” by Amy Grant but it’s like 11 years old lol. I downloaded the Michael Buble Christmas CD to my phone and I do really like it but Amy Grant’s Home For Christmas used to be played every year when I was younger and some how it makes me feel Christmassy!

      One of the Radio DJ’s here was discussing how in her 3 hour slot she could only play 3 Christmas songs the rest had to be “new non-Christmas” music. She also said how it’s the only time she’d be allowed to play Slade or Wizzard
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      • cardiogirl says:

        OH! I like that one, too! I remember reading that she recorded that song when she was 8 or 9 months pregnant and she said it was really difficult to control her breathing while singing, because of the baby.

        We’ve got the same story here with the radio except for two stations which ONLY play Xmas music 24/7.

        Since. Halloween. Not kidding about that either.

    • Heidi Klum says:

      I can’t stand Christmas music. AT ALL.

      • cardiogirl says:

        Ha! I really did hate it until recently. Mostly because my kids are really into it and it’s fun to see how jacked they get when they hear a song they’re going to be singing in the school Christmas pageant.

        • Heidi Klum says:

          See, that’s totally understandable. I associate it with finals, overcrowded malls, and family hubabaloos. When I was little and we did the Christmas pageants, I was much more into it.

          • cardiogirl says:

            I totally remember singing “Silver Bells” and excitedly telling my mom how we were going to be singing in a staggered way, “Silver Bells, (Silver Bells), Silver Bells, (Silver Bells.)” And she chuckled and I couldn’t figure out why. When I asked her what was so funny she just said, “Nothing.”

            Now I know that it was cute listening to me get all jacked up and excited but you can’t tell a kid that it’s cute and it makes you smile because she just. Won’t. Get. It.

            But it’s totally cute when my kids light up and say, “YES!! We are singing “Jingle Bell Rock”! YES!”

    • June O'Hara says:

      I LOVE the Christmas song by the Waitresses, but can never remember its name. And I hardly ever hear it!! Anywhere! Wtf?
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    • Faith says:

      Hola CG,

      So you are grinching things up with this whole not liking Christmas music. I absolutely love Christmas music. So I used to live for the day after Thanksgiving so I could turn to B101 and hear all the music all day everyday. I’m way partial to the Motown version of all Christmas songs. I do not repeat do not like any new versions a la Justin Bieber. His non cuteness is ruining my Christmas music experience but that’s I beside the point.

      My favorite song of all time is the Eartha Kitt version of Santa Baby! It brings my life space so much joy. Oh yeah and the Donny Hathaway version of This Christmas is just all things right.
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      • cardiogirl says:

        I love your rotating avatars, Faith! You’re like the woman of a thousand faces.

        I do agree that there are some interesting off-the-beaten path songs out there and those are cool, but they just play the same thing over and over. Just listened to Eartha Kitt’s version and that’s good. So much better than Madonna. Although anyone’s version would be better, right?

        Totaly, wild side note. Amy Winehouse did a version of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause. W. T. H.? I love Amy but I don’t know about that one.

    • Lola says:

      I don’t think I have a favorite, but the one I like the least is John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”. Ech! Like nails on a chalkboard!
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    • Wendy says:

      I don’t like “Santa, Baby” either. I love anything Christmas by Mannheim Steamroller – something about that synthasizer kicks me into high Christmas gear. I also love “O Holy Night” and one off Steve Green’s Christmas album called “Sleep.” I don’t know why, but I have forever had a hate relationship with “The First Noel.” It has been made only slightly tolerable because I explained my hatred for the song to my youngest, while giving him a bath, and sung it in a nasally tone, which made him roar with laughter and ask for it again and again (now why would I do something so stupid as to make my most requested song be my least favorite – right?). I must admit, I’ve been in quite a good Christmas mood this time around.

    • I liked “Santa Baby” by the late, great Ertha Kit. She did it the right way. By and large, I dislike Christmas music. Oddly, although I’m not religious, I do love Hendel’s “Messiah”. Nat King Cole also has a nice set of Christmas songs, mostly sort of religious. Oh, and Elvis and “Blue Christmas” just is awesome. Wait, and George Michael’s and Wham, “Last Christmas.”

      Grandma got run over by a reindeer makes me have angina.
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      • cardiogirl says:

        I’ve discovered the same thing — I really enjoy the religious Christmas songs the most. I also dig the instrumentals. And thankfully I have no run across “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”


    • Wendy says:

      Have you watched this group, Straight, No Chaser? Here’s a link to their “12 Days of Christmas.”
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    • I love “Carol of the Bells” and all the silly kid ones such as “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph.” I hate “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” and anything with Alvin and the Chipmunks. Back in my cubicle imprisonment days, someone thought it was festive to play the chipmunks all damn afternoon and I’ve been freaked out by it ever since.
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      • cardiogirl says:

        I forgot all about “Carol of the Bells!” That might be my all-time favorite. And having to listen to the chipmunks all day long for any amount of time would cause post-traumatic stress, methinks.

    • Nora Blithe says:

      Hate it all!
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    • I’m a Christmas music geek. Been listening to it non-stop since Thanksgiving and don’t even have any kids to blame. This year I’m really grooving (yes, I still say “grooving” because that’s how fucking old I am) on Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas Symphony. But I’ll even rock out to Deck the Halls. Yep. It’s true.
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