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Here’s a not-so-rhetorical question for you.

Is it better to have a family of five taken down with the intestinal flu all at once or in succession eight to 36 hours apart?



6 VIPs have spoken

  • Han says:

    All in one go means at least you’ve all got it out of your system but then again we have 3 people in our house and one bathroom – there wouldn’t be enough escaping routes lol.

    The only problem with one after the other is what’s to stop the first one getting sick again later in your “week”
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  • Elizabeth A says:

    For heavens sake, didn’t y’all just go through this? And all five of you? I don’t ever remember my mother getting our stomach cooties. Apparently, y’all have the MRSA of the stomach virus up there.

    And I think Han has a good point. One bathroom would make that a rather complicated situation. Embarrassing at the very least.

    So I’d want the two younger ones to be on the mend first since they’d require more attention. And hopefully Mr. C’s will hit on the weekend.

  • Erin says:

    Oh, you poor thing. I vote in succession so at any given moment there’s the hope of having SOMEONE alive enough to go fetch the ginger ale and new batteries for the TV remote.
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  • Bella says:

    Aw, lady, I’m so sorry that all of you are sick! I say take care of the nasty flu all in one go. I think it’s easier for everyone to be laying low at the same time than to suffer a relapse a couple of days later. Hope y’all feel better soon! :)

  • Linda says:

    Like has been mentioned, the number of bodies to bathrooms is an issue. There are two of us one one bathroom. Fortunately [knocks wood] we rarely get stomach/intestinal issues, and not at the same time so far. Hope you all pull through quickly.
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  • Neither!
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