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I should be overwhelmed more often; I like that shoe.

Alright, I have all kinds of boring junk to take care of today. Just stupid stuff that I’ve let go and let go and let go and now I have to catch up. So that means I shall give you a topic to discuss in the VIP Lounge.

When did you know it was serious with your significant other?

I knew it was serious with Mr. C when he programmed one of my favorite music stations on the radio in his car.

It was the last preset, number five I believe, and it was for WCSX Classic Rock 94.7. I was so excited because he does not like Classic Rock; he still doesn’t listen to that station.

We weren’t on a daily, I’m pretty sure we weren’t even date implied* at the time. I know it was well before I had anything in his medicine cabinet.

So the fact that he rode around with a radio station programmed in his car that he did not like meant we were the real deal.

*Date implied comes from this beautiful piece of dialogue from an episode of Seinfeld.

Jerry: Well, how long you’ve been seeing her. What’s your phone call frequency? Are you on a daily?

George: No. Semi-daily. Four or five times a week.

Jerry: What about Saturday nights? Do you have to ask her out, or is a date implied?

George: Implied.

Jerry: She got anything in your medicine cabinet?

George: There might be some moisturizer.

Jerry: Ah hah. Let me ask you this. Is there any Tampax in your house?

George: (Pause) Yeah.

Jerry: Well, I’ll tell you what you’ve got here.

George: What?

Jerry: You got yourself a girlfriend.

George: Ah, no, no. Are you sure? A girlfriend?

Jerry: I’m looking at a guy in a semi-daily with Tampax in his house and an implied date on Saturday night. I would like to help you out, but…


14 VIPs have spoken

  • Erin says:

    Well, a week after our initial … let’s say hook-up, for lack of a better word (we had known each other in passing in college, but this was after we’d both graduated, and he invited me to a party at his house and we made out for like 3 hours) … he picked me up from the airport. Which is a pretty big deal, from what I understand. Then he sent me flowers the following week for my birthday.

    But I think I first knew it was serious when, about a month after the initial hokup, I was with him or on the phone wiht him daily, and he asked me if I wanted to go to a New Year’s party in DC with him. My previous few relationships had considered “lunch later today” planning into the future, so the fact that Kevin knew he wanted to see me for at least the next month was a big deal.

    Oh, although, I think it may have been before that even that we named our first child (assuming said child was a boy [it isn't]) — we heard a name we liked and both said “I’ve always liked that name”, and then said, “Okay, so our first son is named Gavin” and neither of us were at all weirded out by the fact that we were having that conversation mere weeks into the relationship.

    So whichever of those happened first was when I knew it was serious. The second one just solidified that knowledge.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Picking someone up from the airport is akin to helping someone move. It’s a huge deal and no one wants to be asked to do it. But when someone says yes, you know you have a solid relationship.

      We did that same thing with the names! We both said we liked Katherine (with a K) Anne (with an E.) And as you know, our first kid was a girl and that’s her name.

  • Michelle says:

    When he leaned over on our first date and helped himself to food off my plate, and I thought it was charming instead of annoying. That was it. I knew right away. It took him a bit longer.

    Loved that Seinfeld.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Isn’t that a classic? I can still see Jerry’s delivery sitting in the booth at Monks. He’s leaning back, his right elbow is on the back of the the seat and he says:

      “Well, I’ll tell you what you’ve got here. (Pause) You got yourself a girlfriend.”

      That is impressive that he ventured onto your plate on that first date but more so that you didn’t slap his paws away.

      • Bumbles says:

        Your description of that entire scene is spot-on. One of the greatest truisms that show brought to national attention ;0)

        Do you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? On HBO? Seinfeld co-creator Larry David’s mostly improv dialogue show? We rent the series from Netflix. The last season’s Seinfeld reunion was absolutely dreamy – it made me miss the show’s new novelty even more. The re-runs are great – but it was so cool to see a new Seinfeld episode again!!!

        • cardiogirl says:

          YES! YES! I *love* Curb Your Enthusiasm. We used to have HBO and I was glued to it on Sunday nights (it used to air on Sundays, didn’t it?) We had to dump the premium channels when our third kid came along.

          But I can rent them at Blockbuster.

          My absolute favorite episode is when Larry’s mother dies and his dad does not tell him. He misses the funeral and then finds out his mom cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery because she had a tattoo on her ass.


  • Nicky says:

    We used to work together, and when we first started dating, he told me in no uncertain terms were we NOT going to be one of those couples who held hands walking the halls at work. Then he held my hand while walking the halls at work.

  • Lin says:

    Damn, I don’t have any of these gushy stories.

    I think I knew Joe was the one for me when we were at a Happy Hour in his dorm room. My friend dumped her ashtray on his rug and he stopped the party, lifted the rug and went out into the hallway to shake it clean. I didn’t know him very well at the time, so that sort of cracked me up to see someone so neat-freaky.

    My friend leaned over and said to me “Lin Galat, you are gonna marry that man.”

    And I did.

    True story.

    • cardiogirl says:

      I like your story Lin. It’s practical and fun and it says a lot about a 20-somethin’ guy who stopped a party to clean the rug.

      Is he a first-born?

      • Lin says:

        Nope. Baby of the family of 5 kids. I’m the baby too. Weird that we’d be the neat freaks, eh?

        • cardiogirl says:

          Wow, I’m amazed that you’re both last-borns and you get along so famously. I’ve always read that two last borns can get into a rut because they’re disorganized and only want to have fun rather than be responsible.

  • KZ says:

    I think I knew it was the real deal with Diana when…oh wait, she’s looking over my shoulder. I can’t be honest anymore. It was love at first sight. First. Sight. Period.

    Oh, all right. Let’s try sincerity for once. I knew it was serious with Diana when, during the early stages of our courtship, she sat down one night and read every entry posted on my blog. I knew she had been there, because she left me a good number of random comments all throughout. It was such a simple gesture, but it really meant a lot to me that she cared enough to do something like that.

    They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If your man happens to be a writer with a blog, however, then try appealing to his vanity with a few well-placed comments. The results may surprise you.

    • cardiogirl says:

      I like sincerity on you; it works with this question. But please don’t ever abandon sarcasm. That’s so true about blogs and writing. I swear I have to beg my husband to read what I’ve written.

      There are a few blogs I read written by women who have not told their husbands about their blogs. That’s so wild to me since I’m always on the computer, I obsessively check my stats and comments and I always show him my doodles.

      When he does read something he gives me a courtesy chuckle. That’s when I tell him there are at least a hundred people a day who read this blog without me begging them to look at it.

      And he never, ever comments. So I’d be thrilled if I knew he sat down and read posts from the last three years. Although he has lived the last three years plus some with me, so they’re all reruns.

  • Lanita says:

    The moment I met him in the Caracas airport. My world shifted. By the end of the weekend I knew I was going to marry him.

  • Han says:

    Erm we met in 2001 were best buds and together in March 2005 and by about the June or July something was right and by the September we were engaged. Married in 2007 and now 2 and a bit years down the line he still thinks I’m bananas – is that good or bad lol.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Bananas is excellent, Han! Have you ever seen The Rachel Zoe Project? It’s a reality show about a Hollywood stylist and she always says, “That’s bananas!” to mean something that’s off-the-hook cool.

      • Han says:

        hehe no I haven’t lol. I don’t think it’s shown over here. I’ll take a look at the video later.

        • cardiogirl says:

          She has such a strange cadence to her speech; that’s part of the reason why I watch. I don’t really pay attention to the context of her speech, just how she pronounces stuff. With. The. Pauses.



          (That’s another HUGE phrase she uses. All. The. Time.) And when it’s even more than she can handle she simply says, “Die.” Doesn’t even add “I” in front of it.

          • Han says:

            Argh can’t watch it because i’m in the wrong region – I’ll youtube her and see if any videos come up.

            • cardiogirl says:

              No way! You can’t watch it because you’re in the wrong region? I thought the internet transcended time and space.

            • Han says:

              I ran out of reply links lol.

              It wouldn’t work because I’m the wrong side of the pond lol.

            • cardiogirl says:

              Man, that’s bogus and wrong. I know you can YouTube her but all you’ll get are parodies, but they really are dead on. I haven’t found one of her saying, “Bananas” on those parodies but they’re worth a look because of her speech pattern.

  • Awww. “I knew it was serious with Mr. C when he programmed one of my favorite music stations on the radio in his car. ”

    That’s really cute. Love that story.

  • LJ says:

    I knew it was serious when he was willing to dress up in a toga for Halloween with me. (He’s an EXTREME introvert, and the costume showed a wee bit of his chest and shoulders). It had to be love.

    • cardiogirl says:

      Man that is love if his shoulders never see the light of day. I would have been jazzed if I were you when he did that.

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