Best of Cardiogirl



If you’ve just found yourself wandering the halls of the Cardiogirl Empire you might want to get acclimated. Below you’ll find some of the best stuff I’ve written, in my opinion.

These posts are like a Cardiogirl primer — you’ll get a feel for what this blog is about.

On the other hand, you may already be one of my peeps. If so, you know what I’m all about. But you might have missed these stories the first time around. Rookie or old-timer, I still think you’ll enjoy the following forays into my mind.

Without further ado, I present the very best Cardiogirl has to offer.

Glenn Close has nothin’ on this seven year old A guest post at Scary Mommy

You’re going to need tweezers and a beer

Fun with Google keywords or The Mad Libs made do it

Turns out I called 911 over a postage stamp

The lady bug came close to giving us a heart attack

Charlie Sheen hasn’t heard from the FBI since…

I wonder if Dr. G Medical Examiner could figure out the Elbow Incident

The book of questions, Volume 38

Ten things I’ve learned about potty training

Things I think would suck (like being a squirrel)

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