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Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

Ever since we got Direct TV at home I have been completely addicted to Bar Rescue on Spike TV. I’ve always wanted to own a bar, so maybe that’s why I like the show so much.

The show is about a “bar expert” who helps failing bar owners spruce up their places and make a profit. Before watching this show I never realized how hard it really is to run a bar. I thought it was all fun and games, and that it would be a lot less stressful than my current job.

From watching the show I learned that I was sorely mistaken. Everything from the size of the glasses to the height of the barstools contributes to the profitability of the bar. I also see that keeping tabs on employees can be a huge challenge too.

The bar expert often changes the décor, and the menu of the bar, which doesn’t always go over well with the owners. I guess it’s not easy to admit that you aren’t doing a good job, but in the end they are all usually very happy with the results.

2 VIPs have spoken

  • Han says:

    We have a show like that called Hotel Inspector – I never realised so much could affect whether or not you’d get people staying at your hotel.

    I guess with a bar the stools need to be comfortable so you stay for more than one drink. Our local isn’t technically our local lol. We go to a pub called The Gordon Arms – it’s the local to our church but has become a bit of a post meeting haunt lol.
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  • I don’t have a lot of confidence in the so-called experts on these fix-your-business shows. Though it’s clear they must have at least SOME degree of expertise I sense a lot of padding, know-it-all ego, and flat out BS. I’m sure they claim credit if there’s any kind of upswing afterwards, and blame the owner for not doing it right if there isn’t.

    The worst and only one of these ‘expert’ shows I’ve seen more than one episode of is Millionaire Matchmaker. It’s forced viewing; the wife likes it. Anyway, It’s basically a dating service for rich guys looking for hot tail, and gold diggers looking for sugar daddies.

    Some of the richies are there because they’re clueless (& look it) and like the private display approach; they’re the only guy in the room and a dozen or more young hot golddiggers are brought in for his perusal, each one gets a little face time and then he picks one for a date. The egomaniacal obnoxious owner/host then picks apart everything the guy says and does, very dismissively as if everyone else is an idiot except her, then pontificates with broad statements about what women want and like. As if there’s only one kind of woman and they all like and want the same things.

    The other type of rich guy on this show is the busy entrepreneur. Young, confident, in shape -no visible reason they couldn’t get women. “I just don’t have the time for singles bars or online dating, so I’m just using this service to meet women. I can take it from there.” To see and hear these guy you believe that must be the case. But the ‘expert’ feels the need to dissect their approach also, condescendingly of course, and if the guys have the nerve to eschew her advice she gets highly insulted.

    So in the end I don’t trust these kinds of shows. I find their ‘experts’ are more ego and bluster than anything else.
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